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Roger & Christal Browning

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Homeowner tip # 4 – A Carbon Monoxide detector is critical if you have Gas Heat. One detector per floor is recommended. Carbon Monoxide can be deadly if not detected. We know you love you family so put it on your to do list today. I heard a Christmas story a couple of years ago […]

Check your Furnace and AC

You should check your furnace and air conditioning system at least twice a year to ensure that they are working properly and avoid Costly repairs. Many HVAC companies offer such a service at a discounted rate.

Client follow up

Buyers and Sellers appreciate good, timely follow up.  The level of anxiety over buying or selling a home can be high. There are many life decisions that revolve around the purchase or sale. Many Realtor’s don’t appreciate this as much as they should. Empathy and understanding go along way. So make sure to choose a […]

Buyers agents

I am surprised that more buyers don’t interview Realtors to choose a “Buyers Agent”. After all the listing Realtor works for the seller first. They can also work with buyers but I think I would want my own representation. Once you see a property with the listing agent they are the agent of record for […]

Homes are selling quick

The national news is reporting increased home sales and Lexington is no exception. There are not enough homes on the market to satisfy the amount of  buyers in the market. So, if you have ever thought about selling your home now is the time. If you need to know the current value of your home […]

250 Homes Sold

We have reached a milestone, this month we surpassed 250 homes sold between Christal and myself as a team. We have sold almost 50 homes again this year! Again we give thanks to God and to all of our friends for continuing to recommend us.