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Roger & Christal Browning

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Homeowner tip # 4 – A Carbon Monoxide detector is critical if you have Gas Heat. One detector per floor is recommended. Carbon Monoxide can be deadly if not detected. We know you love you family so put it on your to do list today.

I heard a Christmas story a couple of years ago where a father of four was about to buy a carbon monoxide detector along with some Christmas toys for his kids. When he added it all up he was about $20 short so he put back the carbon monoxide detector. In the coming weeks he woke up one night very drowsy and almost incoherent. He still realized something was wrong so he tried to wake his wife and she would not wake up. He ran to wake the kids and they would not wake up. He frantically called 911 and they told him to get them out of the house, that it could be carbon monoxide. From what I remember two of the children died and the rest of the family were assisted by EMS and survived.  This story blew my mind and now I remind everyone. Please do the same.

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